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The Girlie Show - Series 2

The Girlie ShowThe Girlie Show
The second, bigger budget, version of the show that changed female culture, forever! The Girlie Show invented the term "Girl Power", later adopted by the Spice Girls (who's first television appearance was on the show).

The show was the first to centre around the interests of young women, and quickly achieved controversial cult status.

Music footage:
Performances and/or interviews
(Does not include all Show Items)

Episode 1:

Kenickie (Performance)

Episode 2:

Girlschool (Performance
Motorhead's Lemmy (Interview)
Goldbug (Performance)

Episode 3:

Cyndi Lauper (Interview)

Episode 4:

Kavana (Interview)

Episode 5:

Rock Bitch (Performance)

Episode 7:

Republica (Performance)

Episode 8:

Sam Fox (Performance and interview)

Episode 9:

The Slingbacks (Performance)

Episode 10:

Spice Girls (Two live exclusive performances plus 'Spice Advice')

Episode 11:

Tampasm (Performance)
Livin' Joy (Performance)

Episode 12:

Adeva (Performance)
Martine McCutcheon (Interview)

Presenter:Sara Cox
Rachel Williams

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