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The Camille Paglia Series

Who better to present a series of in-depth think pieces on culturally hot topics than Camille Paglia? This is her at her most controversial, engaging and provocative. This opinionated American post-feminist and author presents four 30-minute shows including The Penis Unsheathed (a history of the penis in art), Lesbians Unclothed (examining the portrayal of lesbianism throughout history), and Lolita Unclothed (looking at the Lolita syndrome).

She also covers the late Lady Diana; Paglia examines her unique sexual allure, and her transformation from gawky teenager to the media's darling and a woman far superior to Charles. This programme led to a front page Sun story and what almost became a tabloid-led hate campaign against her . She later said of Peter Stuart, who directed and produced this controversial series, "He was the only producer who understood what I'm trying to say".

Presenter:Camille Paglia

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