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Fortean TV - Series 2

The second series of this cult TV show, focusing on the supernatural brings us some of the most bizarre stories from around the world.

A more experienced Rev. Lionel examines footage of the anthropological enigma that is the Yeti which has been validated from London to Moscow. He discovers an everlasting lightbulb that has been illuminating Mary Tessels' hallway for an astonishing 61 years, and uncovers an interesting scoop involving a bald chimp, whom herbalist Jean Brown may have found a cure for hairlessness with. Learn about the spoons that melt in cornflakes and the hermaphrodite goat whose magical nectar can apparently cure impotence.

Most bizarre of all has to be the awesome pork scratching found in Coventry that resembles the Virgin Mary holding a baby Jesus.

Presenter:Reverend Lionel Fanthrope

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