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Look at Lolo

Look at LoloLook at LoloLook at LoloLook at LoloLook at Lolo
This one-hour documentary, made in 2000, recounts the bittersweet saga of the late Eurotrash legend LOLO FERRARI ­ once hailed as "the ultimate post-modern pin up". A second one hour documentary - Dying To Be Beautiful - (see above) has just been completed, and focuses upon the death and plastic surgery obession of Lolo.

This earlier programme focuses on the life of Lolo, up to the point of her death. It gains unique access into the private life of a woman whose public persona as a porn star with enormous breasts belied her troubled reality.

Desperate for love and insecure about her looks, Lolo sought solace in surgery, saying she felt most at peace while on the operating table.

After 22 operations and five breast enlargements, Lolo kept exaggerating and inflating her notions of femininity and sexuality until she seemed to become her own Dr Frankenstein.

Broadcast Details:Channel 4 in the UK
Available worldwide

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