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Miami Moist

Miami MoistMiami MoistMiami Moist
1-hour film documenting the world's first ever all-woman circuit party. Aqua Girl 2000 saw 2000 lesbians from across the USA congregating on Miami's South Beach for a three-day festival of lesbian fun and frolicks.

"It's the first party circuit for women in Florida," says UK club promoter Paula Harrowing, "and we wanted a UK connection.... So being a club promoter here I am, I'm doing it. Bringing British girls over."

Miami Moist follows the adventures of these English lasses as they party with the butch, femme and lipstick lesbians of Florida.

A member of the group, actress Alison says : "I'm expecting a mixture of leathery old dukes with their collars turned up and massive hair, and frighteningly gorgeous girls with tiny bottoms in bikinis, rollerblading,".


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