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Around the World in 80 Raves

Around the World in 80 RavesAround the World in 80 Raves
Last summer six young men and women from Leicester managed to blag the holiday of a lifetime.

Travelling around America for six weeks on an all expenses paid trip, they had had the foresight to contact Channel 4 beforehand and suggest their trip as an idea for a series; they seemed to think it was a good idea and accepted so off they went.

Three blokes: Joel, Glenn and Boppa and three girls: Bex, Chantal and Sheryl are determined to have the times of their lives. The aim was to cover over 20,000 miles on the trip, coast-to-coast taking in Miami, Atlanta, Detroit, New York, Indianapolis, Nevada, Las Vegas and San Francisco.

Fiction is never as unbelievable as real life, nor is it as salacious, dirty, disturbing or downright hilarious.


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