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Middle-aged game boys and their passion for toys that go vroom.

"Anyone who thinks it's a kids game either hasn't tried it or can't handle it," says one Skalextric playboy, angrily defending his life's passion.

This honest and witty documentary focuses on the phenomenon of middle-aged boys and their love of the miniature race game Scalextric. Whether it's in the attic or the playroom, the adrenaline-fuelled world of the Skalextric competition circuit is always close by.

Funny and bewildering, these men sweat, curse and cry hot tears over their miniature cars. Says Simon Kholer of Hornby, the makers of Skalextric, "With any enthusiast, it can take over. I know of two instances where Skalextric has broken up marriages. One occasion was when a wife of a fan who'd had enough burst into her husband's 'work room' and said, 'It's either me or Scalextric'.

He said, "As you're leaving just pass me that Formula 1 racing car would you?"

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