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Kicking the Habit (Without Walls)

Kicking the HabitKicking the HabitKicking the Habit
In the early 1960s a young woman who happened to be a nun wrote and performed a song that topped the international pop charts.

She was called the singing Nun, or the smiling nun, although her meteoric rise and fall from grace left her little to smile about.

From her humble beginnings in a remote Belgian convent to her sordid end amidst accusations of drug addiction and lesbianism, the bittersweet saga of the singing nun certainly makes her the patron saint of the One Hit Wonders.

This fascinating documentary traces her rise and fall, including interviews with her fellow nuns and those who knew here, plus rare conversations with the smiling Nun herself. At one point, when asked about the name she was given, she says, "I think whoever found it had never met me."


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