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Ice T's Guide To Blaxploitation

Ice T's Guide To BlaxploitationIce T's Guide To BlaxploitationIce T's Guide To Blaxploitation
Between 1971 and 1975 Hollywood produced approximately 200 Blaxploitation movies. In this documentary Ice-T looks at when and why they were made.

The Blaxploitation movies tended to be violent and fast-paced with funky soundtracks following pimps, hustlers, drug dealers. They revolutionised not only the film industry, but how black people were represented in the media.

This comprehensive no-holds-barred documentary takes a look at the creators and the stars, emphasising what these films achieved.

"These movies were what made me," says Ice T, "and far as I'm concerned these movies are as pertinent today as they were 20 years ago. So kick back and enjoy while I take you on a walk to the wild side of Blaxploitation with Ice T..."

From Sweet Sweetbacks Badass song (1971) by Melvyn Van Peebles to Superfly TNT (1973), Shaft and the Black Gestapo.

Presenter:Ice T

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