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20th Century Stuff

20 Century Stuff20 Century Stuff
20th Century Stuff examines the trivial triumphs of the last 100 years, from pin numbers to Pot Noodles. Presented by comic Jeff Green.

As the Millennium drew to close, and the bug got ready to infect, the world asked itself, 'Which of the 20th Century's many advances had been the most significant? What would we have done without the brave pioneers of the skies? Was unleashing the power of the atom our finest achievement? Or was it just a load cobblers?'...

Jeff argues that it is the little things that make big differences to the man on the street. 'Neil Armstrong gave us one small step for man,' he says, 'but it was those clever people at Phillips who gave us the remote control, and we've never had to take those little steps since.'

Presenter:Jeff Green
Lisa Rogers

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