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Who Does She Think She Is?

Who Does She Think She Is?Who Does She Think She Is?Who Does She Think She Is?
A documentary-style profile of the outspoken model, Rachel Williams and her lesbian lifestyle.

"Do you really give a shit about who I sleep with? I feel really fortunate not to be blinded by the minutiae of genitals to the soul of a person," says Williams, setting the tone for this challenging, fascinating insight into her life.

Supermodel, feminist, daughter to two equally complex parents, she's candid, open and brutally honest throughout.

"I spent eight years of my life in fashion," says the former supermodel. "And all I know about modelling is that I get to work. They give me a dress two sizes too small, which I then proceed to squeeze into. God forbid I inhale. Then the they tape up the back and the job's done... I can't imagine anything more futile".

Presenter:Rachel Williams

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