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Serge Gainsbourg: France's Secret Vice

Serge Gainsbourg: France's Secret ViceSerge Gainsbourg: France's Secret Vice
For over three decades until his death at the age of 62, Serge Gainsbourg was considered to be one of France's most influential and controversial singers – a spiritual father to a generation and a potent cultural figure of post war France.

This fascinating programme takes a long look at the part poet, part provocateur, known primarily for the heavy breathing masterpiece Je T'aime Mon Non Plus which he sang with Jane Birkin. The only French pop song to ever top the British charts, soon after its release it was banned by the Vatican and the BBC.

His morality was compared to that of the marquis de Sade and he was surely the only man ever to have written songs about the joys of incest, sodomy, motorcycles and cigarettes... France's Secret Vice, indeed.


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