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Susie Bright - Sex Pest

Susie Bright  - Sex PestSusie Bright  - Sex PestSusie Bright  - Sex Pest
Bubbly and forthright Susie Sexpert shares pearls of sexual wisdom and gives Viagra a good going over, all for your viewing pleasure.

"A few years ago, the First Lady announced she was going to begin a literacy campaign. But that inspired me in a different direction. I said I wanted an erotic literacy campaing...".

Meet Susie Bright, the bisexual pro-feminist writer and sexpert who gives us the lowdown on cybersex, Viagra, gender play and porn.

Hated by the right, attacked by the left, Susie Bright tells the truth, presents facts, pulls no punches and expresses the kind of views that have helped make her one of America's foremost sexual renegades.

Presenter:Susie Bright

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