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Guts Up!

Guts Up!Guts Up!Guts Up!Guts Up!
Gut Barging is the martial art aimed at athletes of excessive girth.

The brains and the belly behind the Gut Barging 'revival' (this ancient sport that has been around since the early 19th century) is a man called Binky Breaithwaie – aka The Gutfather - who reckons Gut Barging is the British Equivalent to Japanese Sumo Wrestling and aims to make it "the spectator sport of the 21st century".

This programme traces his attempt to bring the sport "back to the national" stage, as the WGBA (World Gut Barging Association) takes to the road in a series of regional contests.

A sport brimming with tradition, the Bargers hurl Bombay mix into the ring before fights, a parody of the Sumo tradition of throwing rice, and each Gut Barging move has a special name. From the Fully Johnny Turk, to the Bernie Bye Bye and the Full Blubber, it's a sport where fat hits back.


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