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Eurotrash International Format

After a remarkable 16 series spanning 10 years, Eurotrash is now the UK's biggest late-night TV series, and one of the UK's best-known TV brands. Channel 4 have ordered in excess of ?30m worth of Eurotrash from Rapido, to date, and it has become the biggest entertainment show the channel's history.

For the first time, Eurotrash is being made available as a format for international broadcasters, supported by 45 big-budget virtual sets, almost 1000 unique 3-5min stories, and a range of programme-title variants.

The Eurotrash phenomenon is based upon its unique ability to get viewers laughing at every country outside their own! It's a mix of mocking studio-comedy and outrageous VT stories (from Canadian rabbit-racing & dwarf bullfighters to American porn holidays & nude German waitresses). A massive hit with 16-34yr olds, Eurotrash is almost as popular with girls as it is with boys. It's the only sexy show on television that you can sit and laugh at with your girlfriend... or your parents!

Eurotrash's 3D virtual sets are among the most spectacular in the business and, like the Eurotrash stories, are timeless and boast ultra-high production standards. To date, Rapido has made more than ?30m worth of Eurotrash for the UK market. Now, for the first time, major international broadcasters will be able to have their own version of this giant hit series.

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