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Dying To Be Beautiful

Dying To Be BeautifulDying To Be BeautifulDying To Be BeautifulDying To Be Beautiful
(Channel 4 Title: Death Of A Pornstar)

Her husband designed the 22 operations that secured her entry into the Guiness Book of Records. Worldwide media exposure elevated her to 'cult' status, and her image became worshiped by millions across the globe.

Her name was Lolo Ferrari and she was the woman with the biggest breasts in the world. But 5 years ago, Lolo left her fan-base of millions forever, in a Marylin Monroe-style death. Suicide was assumed, but two new suspects are now firmly on trial; Her husband Eric, and an image-obsessed society. Lolo's mother has accused her son-in-law of murder. Now he must defend himself or face life imprisonment.

Channel 4 has declared this film their highest rating late-night factual programme of 2005. With compelling new evidence and unseen interviews with Lolo's husband, mother and plastic surgeon, Dying To Be Beautiful is a 'must-see' for anyone thinking about going under the knife! This high-end 'who-dun-it' documentary cleverly contrasts classical voiceover, soundtrack and interviews, with bright, sexy imagery. The censored version is equally compelling. The film is produced by Rapido's Mark Hiley and is now being sold to broadcasters worldwide.

With record numbers of women having breast implants - many as young as 16, 'Dying To Be Beautiful questions our growing infatuation with plastic surgery and reveals the shocking true story behind the world's biggest plastic surgery icon, Lolo Ferrari.

Broadcast Details:Channel 4 in the UK
SBS in Holland

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