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After a remarkable 16 series spanning 10 years, Eurotrash is now the UK's biggest late-night TV series, and one of the UK's best-known TV brands.

Channel 4 have ordered in excess of £30m worth of Eurotrash from Rapido, to date, and it has become the biggest entertainment show the channel's history.

In the UK, Eurotrash is hosted by Euro-icon Antoine de Caunes and fashion-icon, Jean-Paul Gaultier. It boasts spectacular sets, hilarious comedy, the most beautiful girls (and guys!), and the cheekiest stories on television. Each programme consists of a number of studio features, and VT stories ranging from Canadian rabbit-racing & dwarf bullfighters, to American porn holidays & nude German waitresses.

Eurotrash consists of over 150 programmes of weird, wacky, sexy, fun and colourful stories from around the world. The remarkable 10 year broadcast track record boasts national audience shares of over 20%, and millions of viewers centring around the 16-34 demographic. Statistics show that each year, new generations discover the programme, reflecting an overall fan-base of countless millions, in the UK alone. Surprisingly, the programme is watched by 45% women and almost half of all viewers are ABC1s.

Eurotrash has become the nation's way of laughing at the madness of all things foreign! This flagship series has been chosen to represent some of the world's biggest events, through a myriad of Eurotrash specials including Eurotrash Eurovision (to celebrate the Eurovision Song Contest), Euroballs (World Cup series), Eurotrash Christmas and Eurotrash NYE.

Close to a thousand original, Rapido-shot, international stories from the series represent the world's most valuable library of outrageous, saucy, or downright crazy broadcast stories! The multi-million pound series budgets makes Eurotrash the highest quality series of it's genre, anywhere in the world.

Soon, broadcasters around the world will be able to make their own local versions of Eurotrash, using the same big-budget virtual sets, VT stories, and a range of programme-title variants (see Eurotrash Format).

Currently running on Channel 4 in the UK

"...the most offbeat and talked about programme on British television" The Times Magazine

"It's been touched with a kind of demented genius... Eurotrash is now officially the ultimate Friday night mind-candy" The Guardian

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